Testing out Bandcamp.com

So I’ve distracted myself today, way more than I should have, and setup a new bandcamp.com account. I’ve started by uploading the score to a short film I did called “The Obolus”. I’ve always been happy with the way the music turned out, and think it is a nice collection of music. It’s a relatively short soundtrack, since the movie was also short, so I’ve tried to keep the pricing reasonable. Check it out and let me know what you think!

The movie itself was directed by my friend Mathias Røer, who is an amazing Norwegian director. It is a “fairytale for adults” and tells the story of a boy who loses his parents, and discovers a new world.

I’m curious what you think about the site, it offers some great aspects, like naming your own price, and allows the customer to download files at much higher resolution, which seems great to me! Also let me know if you think the pricing is fair, too high, or too low! (It is only a suggested minimum, and you are able to pay as much as you like.)


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