The Mindkill: Making the Music for Receiver

Recently I had the opportunity to work with Wolfire again, this time for the 7dfps challenge to create a full first person shooter game in a week: Receiver. Working on the music for the game allowed me to try some things in video game music that I haven’t had much opportunity to try. One of the elements I really enjoyed was working with David to create the dynamic music of the game. It was the first time we really had the opportunity to allow the music to help you understand what was coming, and what you were up against.

While most of the technical aspects of the music was a collaboration with David, most of the artistic direction was led by Aubrey. It was really cool to sit down and discuss what we expected the player to feel at given times of the game, and how the music could help drive those story elements. Even though we only had a week, we still had time to go back and forth with musical revisions, inspirations, and watch crazy videos that were in the realm of what the game means. It was truly a great way to work, and one where there was a clear goal in mind, and we all put in the effort to achieve that goal.

I hope you enjoy the music from the game, and if you do, the soundtrack from the game is available as well.

P.S. below is A Slow Mindkill on top of its creation timelapse without any additional commentary.

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Receiver – Music from the Game

Last week I participated in the #7dfps with my friends at Wolfire, and we put together a pretty cool little game for just a week of work. I’ve made the soundtrack available on BandCamp again (which I think is a great way to publish music) so please check it out.

Also be sure to check out the game at Wolfire’s website. There is a cool launch trailer for the game, as well as an in depth look at some of the mechanics used in the game.


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At E3

I’m occasionally posting updates from E3 this week on twitter… Nothing too ground-breaking, but if you feel like following along: @antonriehl

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updated website

i’ve just unveiled a new version of my website, that is no longer entirely flash based. thanks to Ryan Layne for updating it so efficiently, and really making the update process very smooth. in fact, the website now will be much easier for me to maintain, with more dynamic content, so updates will be more regular. i’m still assembling all the new content, but there is already some online. more content should be up later this week.

check out the new site, and let me know what you think!

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Testing out

So I’ve distracted myself today, way more than I should have, and setup a new account. I’ve started by uploading the score to a short film I did called “The Obolus”. I’ve always been happy with the way the music turned out, and think it is a nice collection of music. It’s a relatively short soundtrack, since the movie was also short, so I’ve tried to keep the pricing reasonable. Check it out and let me know what you think!

The movie itself was directed by my friend Mathias Røer, who is an amazing Norwegian director. It is a “fairytale for adults” and tells the story of a boy who loses his parents, and discovers a new world.

I’m curious what you think about the site, it offers some great aspects, like naming your own price, and allows the customer to download files at much higher resolution, which seems great to me! Also let me know if you think the pricing is fair, too high, or too low! (It is only a suggested minimum, and you are able to pay as much as you like.)


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“Infectus” Trailer

I composed the music to this trailer for my friend Shane Cole. The setting in Maine provides an amazing look to the film, and I was able to use a more Bernard Herrmann like style with the music. The movie is still in pre-production, but hopefully will be filming this fall.

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Avis “The Long Wait”

Here’s a commercial I scored recently for Avis.


On a side note, I’m thinking I might start selling some albums on, or possibly some other websites. I’m excited about being able to offer music at high resolutions, and being able to set my own price. Is this a good idea, or are the better websites for that purpose?

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Music from “Rome”

Just a quick post today to show you a couple tracks on Youtube from the upcoming “Rome” album. This is a project I worked on with Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi, and features Jack White and Norah Jones as vocalists.

1st we have a track featuring Jack White:


And another featuring Norah Jones:


Be sure to check out the main site, and keep your eye out for this album in May!

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CANCELLED – Short East Coast Tour

I’m not really the performing type of musician, but I have just confirmed that I will be touring for a week later this year with Mike Patton. We’ll be in Vermont and New York performing “Mondo Cane” which I’ve been working on in the background for several years.


Update: So take this as a lesson… never announce something too early, you can never be sure that something will happen… There are still some possibilities to tour, but these dates have been cancelled.

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Overgrowth Theme for Piano

Mikko Tarmia and I did a post about a year ago with some alternate arrangements of his theme to the game Overgrowth, and I recently recorded my rendition of his piano version. Apparently David decided to post it online, so I thought I would do the same…

If you like the music, you can grab the pdf version and play it yourself here.

If you’re interested in this, you might also enjoy the guitar arrangement I made:

Here is the pdf for the guitar version.

Let me know what you think.

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